We support FISSION 2023!

by | Jan 31, 2023 | STEM | 0 comments

FISSION is an international science fair organized by students for students. The goal of the festival is to provoke students to take knowledge outside of the classroom; challenge their creativity as they explore the practical applications of theoretical science. The festival unites students from different countries and scientific interests and create a community of ambitious young scientists.

The idea about FISSION started back in 2015 between three ACS Seniors (now Alumni) – Ivana Andreeva, Mihail Georgiev, and Tsveta Kamenova – got inspired by the INMM Vienna International Science and Engineering Fair and EUSO, and decided to create a similar event at the American College of Sofia. They wanted it to be an opportunity for Bulgarian students to do and present their own scientific research and meet interested peers, since this is a way different format than the ordinary national competitions. Since then, FISSION (Fair of International Student Science for Implementable Original Notions) has become an annual tradition at ACS, hosted every March even during the pandemic. We have received lots of positive feedback from previous participants, and continue to do our best to develop FISSION every year.

Our foundation is among the sponsors of this valuable initiative.

Link to the event: here